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quarta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2013

4AD - A História

The first ever history of 4AD, as told by music journalist Martin Aston, was published by HarperCollins offshoot The Friday Project as «Facing The Other Way: The Story Of 4AD» last month, with a limited hardback edition appearing on shelves on the 24th October. 
If you're yet to be convinced that this behind-the-scenes biography of the experimental label, charting the 20 years after its inception in 1980 via 112 interviews with artists, staff and fans.

If you say to somebody, “It’s kind of like a David Lynch movie”, you kind of know what you’re getting. It was like that in the same way for a certain period at 4AD: “It’s kind of like a 4AD record”. Actually, that probably meant it had loads of reverb.

Ivo Watts-Russell, 4AD co-founder.

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