The Best Albums of 2018

domingo, 4 de novembro de 2018

Próximo Oriente #46 A Leste do Paraíso

East of eden. Sit back and relax. Grab a cocktail. Something with rum. A Mai Tai, for instance. Put on your headphones. Drift away with the voices of the rainforest, the Kaluli people of Bosavi, Papua New Guinea, and the Wulu Bunun people of Taiwan. 
Loose yourself in the fourth world explorations of Jon Hassell and the deep trance of O Yuki Conjugate. The sweet embrace of the jungle freely blending with the memories of the Japanese Spring blossoming as an endless exotica adventure.

Music by: Carlos Maria Trindade, Arthur Lyman, Pedro Santos, and others.

"Próximo Oriente" is a show on Rádio Macau about what "Asia" or "oriental" convey in musical terms. It consists on weekly expeditions in search of the Orient, an image constructed and fantasised through sound. We will be wandering across different soundscapes and exoticism, under the spell of music from far away and mysterious places.


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