The Best Albums of 2017

sexta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2018

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Max Richter - Infra - Infra 1
Porya Hatami - Shallow - White Forest
Thom Yorke - Suspiria (Music For The Luca Guadagnino Film) - The Hooks
Tomoyoshi Date -Otoha - Floating Light on the Waves
Pariah - Here from Where We Are - Linnaea
Ólafur Arnalds - Re:member - Partial
Tape Loop Orchestra - Before the Light - Before the Light (excerto)
Caterina Barbieri - Patterns of Consciousness - Scratches on the Readable Surface
Laurel Halo - Raw Silk Uncut Wood - Raw Silk Uncut Wood

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Poema | Poem by - Ana Freitas Reis
Fotografia | Photo by - Alípio Padilha

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