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sábado, 2 de dezembro de 2017

Far East Suites

"There used to be -- indeed, despite the troubles that civilization has brought, there still are -- some wonderful peoples who learn music as easily as one learns to breathe.

Their school consists of the eternal rhythm of the sea, the wind in the leaves, and a thousand other tiny noises, which they listen to with great care, without ever having consulted any of those dubious treatises. Their traditions are preserved only in ancient songs, sometimes involving dance, to which each individual adds his own contribution century by century.

Thus Javanese music obeys laws of counterpoint which make Palestrina seem like child’s play. And if one listens to it without being prejudiced by one’s European ears, one will find a percussive charm that forces one to admit that our own music is not much more than a barbarous kind of noise more fit for a traveling circus."

Claude Debussy, 1913

"Próximo Oriente" é um programa da Rádio Macau realizado por Hugo Pinto. Semanalmente, excursões sonoras pelas paisagens orientais. Aos domingos, às 17h00, com repetição às terças, depois das 22h00.


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