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segunda-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2016

Mick Karn / 04 Janeiro 2011

“As for Mick’s disease, I suffer with him. We are not close, but there are people in life that you come into contact with for a reason. His illness has been long and included significant pain, the kind of pain you would not wish on anyone. I wish him peace, something he seems to have known little of in all the years I have known him. Peace, and a refuge from the inner demons that plagued him throughout his life. If I could, I would embrace him and remind him of how much I have always loved him, and in that moment, perhaps only for the duration of the embrace, he would understand that it is true.”

David Sylvian (2010) 

There's a certain slant of light 
On winter afternoons 
That oppresses, like the weight 
Of cathedral tunes 

Heavenly hurt it gives us 
We can find no scar 
But internal difference 
Where the meanings are 

None may teach it anything 
'Tis the seal of despair 
An imperial affliction 
Sent us of the air 

When it comes the landscape listens 
Shadows hold their breath 
When it goes 't is like the distance 
On the look of death 

Emily Dickinson

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