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segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2014

4AD / 2014 - Scott Walker + Sunn O)))

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Scott Walker + Sunn O))) - Soused

"Soused is surprisingly melodic, Sunn O))) provide a menacing but rich backdrop to Walker's distinctive baritone."
The Guardian *****

"A distinctly perverse pleasure."
Q ****

"The most accessible Scott Walker album since Tilt, perhaps even longer."
Uncut (8/10)

"Rich in imagination and surprisingly accessible."
The Observer

"At once jarringly astringent yet melodiously memorable."
The Independent - Album of the Week ****

"A powerful mix of dramatic, slow-moving sounds and Walker's melodies and narratives"
MOJO ****

"An endlessly compelling work, the match between singular solo artist and the pivotal group every bit as thrilling as you'd expect."
FACT ****

"..the work submerses the listener in its suffocating substantiality."
Tiny Mix Tapes (4.5/5)

"The matchup is inspired."
Financial Times (4/5)

"Soused moves from the monumental to the intimate: a retrograde zoom from the apocalyptic desert, the broad river, to the room, the body, the mind. In doing so it's a compelling and highly listenable work."
The Quietus

"The greatest experience of your life."
Vice (10/10)

"This is Sunn O))) at their most playful, and Scott at his most enjoyable."
The Line Of Best Fit (10/10)

"For those who relish an opportunity to experience the dark magic of creativity cubed, this is 2014's most irresistible beckoning finger."
Metal Hammer (9/10)

"Truly astonishing."
Loud & Quiet (9/10)

"An exemplar of contemporary boundary-pushing art to be consumed slowly and patiently."
Under The Radar (8.5/10)

"Cleverly pitched, constantly engaging, and finally, triumphant."
NME (8/10)

"An uneasy, intuitive, idiosyncratic masterpiece."
Clash (8/10)

"This astonishing collaboration ... is unnerving but effective."
The Sun ****

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