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quarta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2014

Todas as noites são dias de Rádio

Where was I when the lights went out? 
Up in my room listening to twist and shout
Hot summer nights by the window fan
Out on the airwave, a big dance band
On the All Night Rádio 
I gotta hear the new sound
From across the ocean
All strange and soulful,
full of new emotion
Make ya wanna miss
somebody that 'cha don't even know
Lying there in the darkness
with the sound down low
On the - All Night - Radio
Where's that music coming from?
Sure gotta whole lotta soul 
the All Night Radio
and you can close your eyes,
by the dials' soft glow,
tuned into the world,
on the All Night Radio Show
New York and Memphis,
Chicago and L.A.
When you're on the wavelength
it ain't so far away
You know ya wanna be there
when the sun goes down
you're gonna feel a whole lot better
when ya hear that sound
On the All Night Radio
Wheres'that music coming from?
Sure gotta whole lotta soul 
The All Night Radio
And ya close your eyes
to the dials soft glow
Tun into the world on the all Night Radio Show
On the radio show now...
On the All Night Radio
WAKY, WKLO, WFPK, Woody's Roadhouse 
On the All Night Radio. 

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