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quinta-feira, 6 de junho de 2013

4AD – 2013 / Camera Obscura

Editado no passado dia 3 de Junho pela 4AD

In a league of their own. 
Q (4/5)

One of the finest things these Glaswegians have ever recorded.
Uncut (8/10)

Assured, confident and cohesive, Camera Obscura have come up trumps. 
DIY (8/10)

Another perfect gem in their catalogue... pop music with a real soul to it. 
Drowned in Sound (9/10)

Desire Lines taps into a girl group aesthetic lushly arranged songs about scorned lovers and keeping hope alive.
Under The Radar (8/10)

Desire Lines is more confident and direct than anything in the band's catalogue... A career best.


These songs soar, glide and seem effortless in their innocent simplicity. 4 Stars.
American Songwriter

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