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domingo, 17 de março de 2013

4AD – 2013 / Stornoway

Música honesta, segundo o vocalista e principal compositor Brian Briggs.
A temática das canções vai desde o nascimento, crescimento, casamento e envelhecimento, até à morte.

No curse of the second album for Stornoway, who've stretched out without losing sight of the intimacy of their charming debut.
The Guardian

Tales From Terra Firma is admirably imaginative, pastoral-folk-to-jazz arrangements elevating Brian Briggs's cynicism-free songs to dizzy new heights…

Stornoway have boldly struck out and in doing so have navigated the often choppy waters of the second album with panache.
Music OMH

Stornoway's second album separates the
Oxford quartet from the indie-folk bandwagon and kicks them a few steps up the ladder.
The Independent on Sunday

An ambitious step forward for the band and, though only 44 minutes long, it feels like a bit of an epic.
The Observer

Stornoway – “Knock Me on the Head” (2013): 

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