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quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2012

DCD: o que ele diz

“«Anastatis» is a Greek Word meaning resurrection.
A lot of Greek, Turkish and North African ideas have found their way in this time.
The Middle Eastern influence has been with us since day one, but the Greek stuff is more recent.
I just love it. I’m totally into the ancient history of Greece, not just the music.
Lisa and I had been talking about another album, ever since the reunion tour in 2005, but we never went into the studio after that tour, which was the intention.
When we did, it was all pretty condensed. We start last October, and worked for five months.
It´s all new music, but we wanted it to be a continuation of our heritage, carrying on where we’d signed off with «Spiritchaser» [from 1996].
We’re going to be doing some things we’ve never played live before. And we’re going to play all of «Anastasis»”.
It’s an honour to be able to present music back to the people whose ancestors created this wonderful legacy. In fact, I’m going a song each in Greek and Arabic.”

Brendan Perry
In: Uncut, September 2012

Dead Can Dance – “Amnesia
[vídeo não oficial; tema do album «Anastasis»]

Saw the demonstration
On remembrance day
Lest we forget the lesson
Enshrined in funeral clay
History is never written
By those who've lost
The defeated must bear witness to
Our collective memory loss

With every generation comes
Another memory lapse
See the demonstrations of
Failing to learn from our past
We live in the dreamtime
Nothing seems to last
Can you really plan a future
When you no longer have a past

Memories fall from the trees
Memories like autumn leaves

If we are subject to
Empirical minds
I wonder what lies beyond
Our memory's confines
If memory is the true
Sum of who we are
May your children know the truth
And shine like the brightest star

Memory, help me see
Memory, set me free

All my love and all my kisses
Sweet Mnemosyne

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