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sexta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2011

A ‘playlist’ deles

A revista norte-americana Rolling Stone levou a cabo uma iniciativa interessante. Convidou músicos para fazerem a sua playlist e a comentarem as dez escolhas musicais de cada um.
Dos vários convidados – estes sim, verdadeiras figuras públicas – encontram-se Brian Wison, o lendário líder dos Beach Boys e Sean Lennon, filho de John Lennon e Yoko Ono.
Dos temas escolhidos por Brian só há Beatles e dos temas escolhidos por Sean só há Beach Boys.
Coincidências? Talvez não. Brian admirava os Beatles e rivalizava com eles. Dos quatro, apenas não conheceu pessoalmente John Lennon.
John Lennon admirava os Beach Boys, mas só Paul McCartney ficou amigo de Brian Wilson.
Brian confessa que o álbum «Rubber Soul» dos Beatles lhe serviu como parte da inspiração encontrada para compôr a melodia da canção "God Only Knows".
De facto, não há coincidências. Apenas causa e efeito. Quanto ao resto, "só Deus sabe".

A 'playlist' de Brian Wilson

“The first real mind-blowing Beatles record I heard was Rubber Soul. I was so blown away that I went to my piano and wrote some of the melody of 'God Only Knows.' It wasn't about competition — it was a mutual-admiration thing.”

01. "Hey Jude" 1968
Paul's scatting and screaming at the end is incredible.

02. "Get Back" 1970

03. "All My Loving" 1964

04. "Let It Be" 1970

05. "She's Leaving Home" 1967

06. "I Want to Hold Your Hand" 1963

07. "She Loves You" 1963
It's some guy messing around with another guy. I love that.

08. "With a Little Help From My Friends" 1967

09. "Here, There and Everywhere" 1966

10. "Good Day Sunshine" 1966
It's so inspiringly happy.

A 'playlist' de Sean Lennon

Years ago, Lennon was smoking pot with Joe Strummer. “He said the reason he played music was the Beach Boys,” Lennon recalls. “I thought, ‘That’s really lame!’ ” Today, Lennon has come around, religiously: “I listened to a new song every day for about six years.”

01. "Surf's Up" 1971

02. "'Til I Die" 1971
It talks so elegantly about the fragility of life.

03. "Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)" 1966
The most masterfully written song on Pet Sounds.

04. "Caroline, No" 1966
It's about a girl cutting her hair, but I’m in awe of how beautifully and powerfully it becomes a metaphor for life falling apart.

05. "Our Prayer" 1969
It’s like a Bach choral piece. Wilson plays with major and minor and has very intricate chromatic melodies weaving in and out of each other.

06. "Little Pad" 1967

07. "Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony)" 1967
I love this period of Wilson’s work – it’s so experimental and playful.

08. "Surfer Girl" 1963

09. "In My Room" 1963
The melodies are nuts, but there’s also a profound sadness: He talks about how he only feels safe in his room.

10. "God Only Knows" 1966

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