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domingo, 2 de agosto de 2009

Novo álbum de Kaki King

Uma vez que se criou um pequeno culto por parte de alguns elementos da IdE em relação à pequena musa da guitarra, fica aqui a notícia:

The King Khan & BBQ Show, wacky motherfuckers that they are, don't announce new albums via press release, the way sane people do. Instead, the dynamic garage rock duo jump on their MySpace page and post an alternately informative and annoying "KKBBQ Infomercial" featuring tons of song clips and goofy voices. (Whoever does the Snaggletooth impression should really consider never doing a Snaggletooth impression again.)
So here's the pertinent information: The new album will be called Invisible Girl. It's out on November 3. The infomercial promises "12 songs loaded with kicks", and someone describes it as "a love story of hate."

via Pitchfork

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P. Esteves disse...

good news!!! :-)